The PSWCS mailing list FAQ:

#1 - What's allowed?
#2 - What's prohibited?
#3 - What to do when there's a problem

#1 - What's allowed?

  • Any discussion of anything related to the Star Wars movies. PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to discuss spoilers you must tag your post with "SPOILERS".
  • Any discussion of Star Wars toys and collecting (this includes toy identification and appraisal).
  • Store sightings of new and difficult to find Star Wars toys.
  • "For Sale" and "For Trade" lists (posted at reasonable, infrequent intervals).
  • "Wanted to buy" lists and notices (posted at reasonable, infrequent intervals).
  • "For Auction" lists (posted at most twice per auction... multiple auctions should be listed in one e-mail).
  • Occasional off-topic discussions.

#2 - What's prohibited?

  • Excessive profanity.
  • Fighting words.
  • Insults of any kind, under any circumstances (no matter how much someone deserves it).
  • Long, off-topic threads.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a warning from the list administrators. Repeated violations (a "three strikes, you're out" rule) will result in your removal from the list.

#3 - What to do when there's a problem...

If you feel someone is violating the mailing list guidelines, send e-mail to the Officers listed on the home page. We will look at the problem, and if we find a violation we will resolve the issue. Please DO NOT e-mail guideline violation complaints to the mailing list, as this only promotes hostility and leads to more off-topic posts.

If you're having technical problems, please E-mail Bill Cable ( I'll get right on it.